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Blocked bot[redigér wikikode]

Hi all. I don't know if this is the correct place, please advice me. I'm an user from Spanish Wikipedia. I use to manage many bots. Yesterday, my bot was blocked by Bruger:Wegge. Before, he asked me the purpose of those redirects, I replied him quickly, and then he blocked it. He hasn't requested me to stop it manually. He blocked all Toolserver bots, because he didn't read the warning message in Bruger:BOTijo.

He says that all these redirects are spurious. Why? I don't know. Also, he says that I broke the edit rate limits. What limits? There were no limits when my bot was flagged.

Please, unblock my bot. Why will bot be indefinitely blocked if bot has been stopped? Regards, and thanks for your time.--Emijrp 2. feb 2009, 16:39 (CET)

When being given a bot flag, there are certain expectations for the thoughtfullness of the operator. There are lots of unwritten rules that apply, even though they are not written anywhere. But since you are a stickler for rules, let me tell you that there are no rules aginst blocking bots, where the operator does not answer questions, does not think why there is a default rate-limiting in the pywikipedia framwork, expects all redirects on enwiki to make sense on dawiki, just to mention a few of the reasons not exempt from blocking. -- Anders Wegge Keller (diskussion) 2. feb 2009, 16:44 (CET)
Hi Wegge. I have answered all your questions, you are who don't reply mine. What is the correct edit rate limit? 10 edits/minute? 15? How can I know it if it isn't written on your bot policy? Do not distort, please. I haven't imported all English Wikipedia redirects. I explained you the process, yesterday. Bold text (synonym) + English Wikipedia redirect = Danish redirect. Why are Nathaniel Dawayne Hale, Saturn XXXI, Nancy Davis Reagan spurious? Why didn't you asked me for stop the bot manually if we were speaking in talk pages? Thanks. Emijrp 2. feb 2009, 16:59 (CET)
Emijrp, I am willing to lift the block of your bot, if you promise to ask for advice on WP:BF before running any tasks not listed in your bot request. - Kåre Thor Olsen (Kaare) 11. feb 2009, 21:32 (CET)
The block has now been lifted. Just remember to be careful. Better safe than sorry. --MGA73 27. feb 2009, 18:01 (CET)
Thanks for your help. Cheers. Emijrp 27. feb 2009, 18:16 (CET)