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Hello Eingangskontrolle, welcome to the Danish Wikipedia! Danmark velkomstbesked på dansk
Thank you for participating in this community project. We would like to give you the opportunity to be free and productive. Here are a few directions that might help you:
  • Wikipedia has been an ongoing project for several years now. There have been discussions on many issues in the past. Please check the discussion pages (brugerdiskussionsiderne) if you are in doubt about the contents of a given page.
  • A collection of useful links in English can be found on the English help pages.
  • Please use our Sandbox (sandkasse) for experimenting.
  • Feel free to add your expertise to Wikipedians by interest.
  • Please create your user page in order to provide information about who you are, where you're from, and in which languages you communicate; you may use the template {{iwuser}} to this end.
  • If you want to make a careful start editing in Danish, try to expand some of our stubs (påbegyndte artikler).
  • Take care when editing someone else's work. Registered users can change the name of an article by using "Flyt". This way of renaming keeps the history (historik) of a page intact.
  • Questions for help can be asked at the Helpdesk.
  • To sign messages, use four tildes: ~~~~
  • More information (in Danish) can be found on our conventions pages and the wikiquette page.
  • If you have any questions regarding this edition of Wikipedia, please visit our embassy.

Kind regards, Sabbe 11. jan 2009, 21:08 (CET)[]

I am just adding interwikis - sometimes you may find hints to other subject with the same name on the discussion pages of certain articles.

Please contact me on my german userpage --Eingangskontrolle 11. jan 2009, 21:19 (CET)

Yes, I'm aware of that - I just wanted to give you our english welcome, so that you could put the template it links to on your userpage in order for other users to realize right away, that you're an international user. --Sabbe 11. jan 2009, 21:22 (CET)[]
@Sabbe thanks for the welcome, I didn't want to offend you, but I will not watch this page regulary. I am just checking [1] and compare the pages. --Eingangskontrolle 18. jan 2009, 21:54 (CET)[]