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Grammy Legend Award, også kaldet Grammy Living Legend Award, er en amerikansk, særlig musikpris, der uddeles af Recording Academy til kunstnere, som gennem bidrag over en lang periode har haft stor indflydelse på pladeindustrien.

Grammy Legend Award er én af mange Grammy-priser. Den uddeles med ujævne mellemrum, og der er til dato (februar 2011) uddelt fjorten Legend Awards, den seneste i 2003

Modtagere af Legend Award[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Følgende personer og grupper har modtager en Legend Awards.

År Billede Modtager Periode Nationalitet Ref.
1990 An upperbody shot of a middle-aged man in a dark suit. Lloyd Webber, AndrewAndrew Lloyd Webber f. 1948 Storbritannien Storbritannien [1]
1990 A woman in a red dress, jacket and scarf smiles toward the camera. Minnelli, LizaLiza Minnelli f. 1946 USA USA [2]
1990 A man in a light-colored suit sings into a microphone Robinson, SmokeySmokey Robinson f. 1940 USA USA [3]
1990 An elderly man holds a guitar while in front of a microphone. He has white facial hair and wears a United States flag bandana. Nelson, WillieWillie Nelson f. 1933 USA USA [4]
1991 A woman stands on stage and sings into a microphone. She wears a blue dress and has a blue feather boa around her arms. Franklin, ArethaAretha Franklin 1942-2018 USA USA [5]
1991 An upper body shot of a man wearing a shirt, suit and tie. He is balding and his smiling mouth is framed by a white goatee beard. Joel, BillyBilly Joel f. 1949 USA USA [6]
1991 alt6=A man with dark hair looks forlornly down to his left. He rests his chin between his thumb and finger. Cash, JohnnyJohnny Cash 1932–2003 USA USA [7]
1991 A man in a blue jacket looks ahead. The balding male's dark sunglasses conceal his eyes. Jones, QuincyQuincy Jones f. 1933 USA USA [8]
1992 A blond-haired woman looks down to the ground. She wears a white dress and a silver necklace. Streisand, BarbraBarbra Streisand f. 1942 USA USA [9]
1993 A headshot of a man wearing a red baseball cap and shirt. He has long black hair and is smiling towards the camera. Jackson, MichaelMichael Jackson 1958–2009 USA USA [10]
1994 Black and white picture of a man with a beard wearing a turtleneck and glasses. Mayfield, CurtisCurtis Mayfield 1942–1999 USA USA [11]
1994 A middle-aged man in a tuxedo sits and smiles into the distance. Sinatra, FrankFrank Sinatra 1915–1998 USA USA [12]
1998 A man in a dress coat and white shirt opens his mouth, which is framed by dark facial hair. Pavarotti, LucianoLuciano Pavarotti 1935–2007 Italien Italien [13]
1999 A blond-haired middle-aged man stands with his arms open and fists clenched. He wears a dark suit and red shirt. He also sports a cross pendant around his neck, and wears purple sunglasses. John, EltonElton John f. 1947 Storbritannien Storbritannien [4]
2003 The Bee Gees Gees, BeeBee Gees Storbritannien Storbritannien [14]

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