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[[{{{1}}} (Moskvas metro)|{{{1}}}]]

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Usage[rediger kildetekst]

This template expands a name to link to the appropriate Moskvas metro station article, without displaying "(Moskvas metro)". All articles on Moscow Metro stations with titles that have to be disambiguated follow the link form of terminating with "(Moskvas metro)".

Optionally a second parameter can be supplied to distinguish between identically named stations on different lines.

The template can be abbreviated as {{mms}} (for Moscow Metro station).

For example:

{{mms|Sokolniki}} expands to [[Sokolniki (Moscow Metro)|Sokolniki]].

{{mms|Komsomolskaya|Sokolnicheskaya}} expands to [[Komsomolskaya (Sokolnicheskaya Line)|Komsomolskaya]].

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A number of other templates provide the same function for specific systems: