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Femtende gang julequiz[redigér wikikode]

Som nogle har opdaget, så er jeg gået i gang med forberedelserne til julequiz. --Palnatoke (diskussion) 24. nov 2019, 10:03 (CET)

Could someone help?[redigér wikikode]

Hello, in scope of a Wikisource project I need an assistance of a native speaker. Could someone have a look at the site Page 277 and help me to find out the second and the third term on the right (" lavtryk" and ... omraade)? Thanks. Draco flavus (diskussion) 27. nov 2019, 13:09 (CET)

@Dracu flavus: What exactly do you need to know? A "lavtryk" is low pressure when talking about the weather and "område" is an area. --Inc (diskussion) 27. nov 2019, 16:36 (CET)
@Inc:Thanks for your answer, I need the first word (that is not clearly visible on the mentioned site)Draco flavus (diskussion) 27. nov 2019, 20:18 (CET)
@Draco flavus: So "ober at" and "hojtrykus"? Hm, to my knowledge, those are not Danish words. --Inc (diskussion) 27. nov 2019, 22:32 (CET)

It seems like some of the Danish weather expressions have been remembered poorly by the author. A. "front kold" → koldfront. B. "tratten" → tretten. C. "femtem" → femten. D. "hojtrykus omraade" → højtryksområde. E. "front varm" → varmfront. F. "bolger" → bølger. G. "hardvindsvarel" → hårdvindsvarsel (which is semantically incorrect). H. "taage" → tåge. "Omskiftelig" means changing [weather].

@Inc:Many thanks for your assistance. I found the following explanation: Lavtrykstrug - udløber fra et lavtryk . Does it make any sense in Danish? Could it be also udløber at lavtryk or maybe udløber af lavtryk ? What would be in case hårdvindsvarsel semantically correct (and what does it mean actually, The Polish tranlation means: weather forecast — but it is doubtful to me) ? Draco flavus (diskussion) 29. nov 2019, 15:09 (CET)