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Block quotations General purpose
{{Quote}} Our standard block quotation template: unbordered page-wide quotation with optional smaller-sized attribution
{{Poemquote}} {{Quote}} variant for use with poems, song lyrics, and other things that would otherwise require the use of <poem>...</poem> tags or frequent formatting elements (such as <br>)
{{Verse translation}} Displays original language verse (defaults to italics) and translated verse (roman) side-by-side
{{Gbq}} {{Quote}} variant for use inside glossaries
Pull quotes Highlighting quotes already found elsewhere on the page (rarely actually needed in mainspace)
{{Pull quote}} Page-wide pull quote, between large quotation marks
{{Reduced pull quote}} or {{Rquote}} Pull quote between large quotation marks in a reduced floating area
{{Quote frame}} Page-wide bordered pull quote
{{Quote box}} Pull quote floated in a reduced bordered box
Talk page quoting Not for use in articles at all
{{Talkquote}} Block-style quotation for use on talk pages
{{Talk quotation}} or {{tq}} or {{tqi}} Inline quotation for use on talk pages
Alternative For indenting non-quotations
{{Block indent}} To indent an entire block of content (uses <div> and CSS margins)

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