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Citation Style 1 skabeloner
{{Cite arXiv}} arXiv preprint
{{Cite AV media}} audio and visual
{{Cite AV media notes}} audio and visual liner notes
{{Cite book}} books
{{Cite conference}} conference papers
{{Cite DVD notes}} DVD liner notes
{{Cite encyclopedia}} edited collections
{{Cite episode}} radio or television episodes
{{Cite interview}} interviews
{{Cite journal}} magazines, journals, academic papers
{{Cite mailing list}} offentlige e-mail lister
{{Cite map}} kort
{{Cite news}} nyhedsartikler
{{Cite newsgroup}} online nyhedsgrupper
{{Cite podcast}} audio eller video podcast
{{Cite press release}} pressemeddelser
{{Cite report}} rapporter
{{Cite serial}} audio or video serials
{{Cite sign}} signs, plaques
{{Cite speech}} taler
{{Cite techreport}} technical reports
{{Cite thesis}} theses
{{Cite web}} any resource accessible through a URL
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Denne Citation Style 1 skabelon bruges til at Kildeangivelser for print liner notes from albums, DVDs, CDs and similar audio-visual media. When citing the contents of the media, commentary, featurettes, etc., use {{Cite AV media}}.

Usage[redigér wikikode]

Copy a blank version to use. All parameter names must be in lowercase. Use the "|" (pipe) character between each parameter. Delete unused parameters to avoid clutter in the edit window. Some samples may include the current date. Hvis datoen ikke er dags dato, opdater så siden.

Full parameter set in horizontal format
{{Cite AV media notes |title= |title-link= |others= |year= |chapter= |url= |access-date= |first= |last= |author-link= |first2= |last2= |author-link2= |page= |pages= |type= |publisher= |id= |location= |ref=}}
Full parameter set in vertical format
Vertical list Prerequisites Brief instructions / notes
{{Cite AV media notes
| title       =
| title-link  =
| others      =
| year        =
| chapter     =
| url         =
| last        =
| first       =
| author-link =
| first2      =
| last2       =
| author-link2 =
| page        =
| pages       =
| at          =
| type        =
| publisher   =
| id          =
| location    =
| ref         =
 Title of the notes; not necessarily the same as the title of the media
 Title of Wikipedia article about the media
 Artist, producers, etc.
 Titled chapter or section of the notes
 Author(s) of the notes
 Liner notes, booklet, etc.; defaults to Media notes
 Publisher's identifier
  • If a field name is listed in the Prerequisites column, it is a prerequisite for the field to the left.

Examples[redigér wikikode]


  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=Album Title |others=[[Artist]] |year=2016 |url= |first=First |last=Last |page=1 |type=Type |publisher=Publisher |id=Publisher ID |location=Location}}
Last, First (2016). Albumnoter for Album Title. Location: Publisher.
  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=Album Title |title-link=Album Title |others=[[Artist]] |year=2016 |url= |first=First |last=Last |page=1 |type=Type |publisher=Publisher |id=Publisher ID |location=Location}}
Last, First (2016). Albumnoter for Album Title. Location: Publisher.


  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=New Moon |title-link=New Moon (Elliott Smith album) |others=[[Elliott Smith]] |year=2007 |first=John |last=Doe |page=4 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Kill Rock Stars]] |id=KRS455 |location=Olympia, Washington}}
Doe, John (2007). Albumnoter for New Moon. Olympia, Washington: Kill Rock Stars.

With author

  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=Anthology 1 |title-link=Anthology 1 |others=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |page=2 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |id=34448 |location=London}}
Lewisohn, Mark (1994). Albumnoter for Anthology 1. London: Apple Records.

With chapter

  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=Anthology 1 |title-link=Anthology 1 |others=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |chapter=Making Anthology 1 |chapter-url= |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |page=2 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |id=34448 |location=London}}
Lewisohn, Mark (1994). Albumnoter for Anthology 1. London: Apple Records.

With multiple authors

  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=Anthology 1 |title-link=Anthology 1 |others=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |author-link=Mark Lewisohn |last2=Martin |first2=George |author-link2=George Martin |page=2 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |id=34448 |location=London}}
Lewisohn, Mark (1994). Albumnoter for Anthology 1. London: Apple Records.

Parameters[redigér wikikode]

Syntax[redigér wikikode]

Nested parameters rely on their parent parameters:

  • parent
  • OR: parent2—may be used instead of parent
    • child—may be used with parent (and is ignored if parent is not used)
    • OR: child2—may be used instead of child (and is ignored if parent2 is not used)
Where aliases are listed, only one of the parameters may be defined; if multiple aliased parameters are defined, then only one will show.

By default, sets of fields are terminated with a period (.).

COinS[redigér wikikode]

This template embeds COinS metadata in the HTML output, allowing reference management software to retrieve bibliographic metadata. See Wikipedia:COinS. As a general rule, only one data item per parameter. Do not include explanatory or alternate text:

  • Use |date=27 September 2007 not |date=27 September 2007 (print version 25 September)

Use of templates within the citation template, is discouraged because many of these templates will add extraneous HTML or CSS that will be rendered in the metadata. Also, HTML entities, for example  , –, etc, should not be used in parameters that contribute to the metadata. Do not include Wiki markup '' (italic font) or ''' (bold font) because these markup characters will contaminate the metadata.

COinS metadata is created for these parameters
  • |periodical=, |journal=, |newspaper=, |magazine=, |work=, |website=, |encyclopedia=, |encyclopaedia=, |dictionary=
  • |chapter=, |contribution=, |entry=, |article=, |section=
  • |title=
  • |publication-place=, |publicationplace=, |place=, |location=
  • |date=, |year=, |publication-date=, |publicationdate=
  • |series=, |version=
  • |volume=
  • |issue=, |number=
  • |page=, |pages=, |at=
  • |edition=
  • |publisher=, |distributor=, |institution=
  • |url=
  • |chapter-url=, |chapterurl=, |contribution-url=, |contributionurl=, |section-url=, |sectionurl=
  • |author#=, |author-last#=, |author#-last=, |last#=, |surname#=
  • |author-first#=, |author#-first=, |first#=, |given#=
  • any of the named identifiers (|isbn=, |issn=, |doi=, |pmc=, etc)

Deprecated[redigér wikikode]

The following parameters are deprecated. Their use will place the page into Category:Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters:

  • coauthor · coauthors: Use last# / first# or author or authors
  • Ref: Use ref

Description[redigér wikikode]

Authors[redigér wikikode]

  • efternavn: efternavnet på en enkelt forfatter. Anvend ikke wikilink — brug forfatterlink i stedet. Ved firmanavne eller forfattere hvor kun et enkelt navn er angivet i kilden, brug efternavn eller et alias (fx |forfatter=Bono). Aliasser: efternavn1, forfatter, forfatter1.
    • forfatter: denne parameter anvendes til det fulde navn på en enkelt forfatter (fornavn og efternavn) eller til navnet på et firma. Denne parameter bør aldrig indeholde navne på mere end en forfatter.
    • fornavn: en forfatters fornavne, f.eks.: Fornavn Mellemnavn eller Fornavn M. Anvend ikke wikilink — brug forfatterlink i stedet. Alias: fornavn1. Kræver at efternavn er angivet; fornavn bliver ikke vist, hvis efternavn er tom.
    • ELLER: ved flere forfattere, brug efternavn1, fornavn1 ... efternavnn, fornavnn, hvor n er et fortløbende tal ud af et ubegrænset antal forfattere (til hvert fornavnn kræves et korresponderende efternavnn). Se vis-parametre for at angive hvor mange forfattere, der skal vises. Aliasser: efternavn1, fornavn1 ... efternavnn, fornavnn, eller forfatter1 ... forfattern.
    • forfatterlink: Navnet på en eksisterende Wikipedia-artikel om forfatteren — ikke forfatterens hjemmeside; brug ikke wikilink. Alias: forfatterlink1, forfatter1-link.
    • ELLER: ved flere forfattere, brug forfatter1-link ... forfattern-link. Alias: forfatterlink1 ... forfatterlinkn.
  • authors: Free-form list of author names; use of this parameter is discouraged because it does not contribute to a citation's metadata; not an alias of last
  • translator-last: Surname of translator. Do not wikilink—use translator-link instead. Aliases: translator1, translator1-last, translator-last1.
    • translator-first: Given or first names of translator. Do not wikilink—use translator-link instead. Aliases: translator1-first, translator-first1.
    • OR: for multiple translators, use translator-last1, translator-first1 through translator-lastn, translator-firstn where n is any consecutive number for an unlimited number of translators (each translator-firstn requires a corresponding translator-lastn). Aliases: translator1-last, translator1-first through translatorn-last, translatorn-first, or translator1 through translatorn.
    • translator-link: Title of existing Wikipedia article about the translator—not the translator's website; do not wikilink. Aliases: translator-link1, translator1-link.
    • OR: for multiple translators, use translator-link1 through translator-linkn. Aliases: translator1-link through translatorn-link.
  • collaboration: Name of a group of authors or collaborators; requires author, last, or vauthors which list one or more primary authors; follows author name-list; appends 'et al.' to author name-list.
  • others: To record other contributors to the work, including illustrators. For the parameter value, write Illustrated by John Smith.
  • Note: When using shortened footnotes or Skabelon:Paren styles with templates, do not use multiple names in one field or else the anchor will not match the inline link.

Title[redigér wikikode]

  • title: Title of source. Can be wikilinked to an existing Wikipedia article or url may be used to add an external link, but not both. Displays in italics. If script-title is defined, title holds romanized transliteration of title in script-title.
    • script-title: Original title for languages that do not use a Latin-based alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, etc); not italicized, follows italicized transliteration defined in title. May be prefixed with an ISO 639-1 two-character code to help browsers properly display the script:
      ... |title=Tōkyō tawā |script-title=ja:東京タワー |trans-title=Tokyo Tower ...
    • trans-title: English translation of the title if the source cited is in a foreign language. Displays in square brackets after title; if url is defined, then trans-title is included in the link. Use of the language parameter is recommended.
Titles containing certain characters will display and link incorrectly unless those characters are encoded.
newline [ ] |
space [ ] |
{{bracket|text}} {{pipe}}see also Help:Table § Rendering pipe itself
  • title-link: Title of existing Wikipedia article about the source named in title – do not use a web address; do not wikilink. Alias: titlelink.

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/type Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/language

Date[redigér wikikode]

  • date: Date of source being referenced. Can be full date (day, month, and year) or partial date (month and year, season and year, or year). Use same format as other publication dates in the citations.[date 1] Required when year is used to disambiguate {{sfn}} links to multiple-work citations by the same author in the same year.[more] Do not wikilink. Displays after the authors and is enclosed in parentheses. If there is no author, then displays after publisher. For acceptable date formats, see Help:Citation Style 1 § Dates.
For approximate year, precede with "c. ", like this: |date=c. 1900.

For no date, or "undated", add as |date=n.d.
  • year: Year of source being referenced. Use of |date= is recommended unless all of the following conditions are met:
  1. The template uses |ref=harv, or the template is {{citation}}, or |mode=cs2
  2. The |date= format is YYYY-MM-DD.
  3. The citation requires a CITEREF disambiguator.
  • orig-year: Original publication year; displays after the date or year. For clarity, please supply specifics. For example: |orig-year=First published 1859 or |orig-year=Composed 1904.
  1. ^ Publication dates in references within an article should all have the same format. This may be a different format from that used for archive and access dates. See MOS:DATEUNIFY.

Publisher[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/publisher

Edition, series, volume[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/edition Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/series Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/volume

In-source locations[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/pages

URL[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/url

Anchor[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/ref

Identifiers[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/id1 Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/id2

Quote[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/quote

Editors[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/editor

Laysummary[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/lay

Display options[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Citation Style documentation/display