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    Dine mange lister[rediger kildetekst]

    Hej. Jeg har indstillet dine mange oprettede lister med Islandske ambassadører til sletning. Se venligst -> Wikipedia:Sletningsforslag/Islands ambassadører i Liechtenstein. --Pixi Uno (diskussion) 3. maj 2014, 17:21 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Hi Pixi Uno, yes I had noticed and have already replied. Sincerely, Taketa (diskussion) 3. maj 2014, 17:30 (CEST)Reply[svar]
    Gtk-dialog-info.svgThank you for participating in this community project, Taketa. (Danmark dansk)
    We would like to give you the opportunity to be free and productive. Here are a few directions that might help you:

    If you have any questions regarding this edition of Wikipedia, please visit our embassy.

    Kind regards, Pixi Uno (diskussion) 3. maj 2014, 17:22 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Templates and commons[rediger kildetekst]

    Hi there, it seems you are making some effort to categorize articles via their infoboks-templates, but currently it creates a CategoryLocal image same as Wikidata atop said articles, it would be nice if that could be corrected shortly. TherasTaneel (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 03:33 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Hmm, though it might not be all of them; but e.g. {{Infoboks håndboldspiller}}, {{Infoboks cykelrytter}} and {{Forsker}} at least. TherasTaneel (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 03:44 (CEST)Reply[svar]
    Thanks for noticing. Should be solved. Sincerely, Taketa (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 06:03 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Erm, it seems that {{Bioinfo}} makes the whole article disappear entirely - fascinating, but please correct that as well :) TherasTaneel (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 20:57 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Same goes for {{Infoboks militær person}}, I've reset it untill you find the problem. TherasTaneel (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 21:04 (CEST)Reply[svar]
    Hmm, I've reset Bioinfo as well, but for some reason it still shows having the error, which is really weird :) but I guess you'll get around to it eventually. TherasTaneel (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 21:11 (CEST)Reply[svar]
    Hi, thanks for the notice. It must have been my last changes today. I thought the problem was fixed. Back to the drawing board. Sincerely, Taketa (diskussion) 21. maj 2014, 21:57 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Poke. :) TherasTaneel (diskussion) 26. maj 2014, 10:41 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Hi TherasTaneel, thank you for the notice. Sincerely, Taketa (diskussion) 26. maj 2014, 11:01 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Thanks[rediger kildetekst]

    Hi Taketa - just a brief "thumbs up" for your great job on dawp adding pictures and structuring the process. It is much appreciated. Pugilist (diskussion) 28. maj 2014, 22:46 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    Hi Pugilist, thanks for the feedback. Good to hear that it is appreciated. Sincerely, Taketa (diskussion) 28. maj 2014, 22:53 (CEST)Reply[svar]

    a error[rediger kildetekst]

    Hi Taketa the Skabelon:Infoboks person is making a error on the pages Fx Conrad Gesner it look like this {{ #if: Gessner Conrad 1516-1565.jpg || on the top of the page --- Zoizit (diskussion) 8. jun 2014, 13:55 (CEST)

    Hi Zoizit, thank you for the notice. I think I deleted a }} in my last edits, that got moved by steenth some time back. I hope this fixes it. Sincerely, Taketa (diskussion) 8. jun 2014, 14:14 (CEST)
    it looks great now, thank you -- Zoizit (diskussion) 8. jun 2014, 14:59 (CEST)